Decoupled from the controller, DFX is a northbound orchestrator, residing in the application plane it communicates with the Representational State Transfer (REST) based Northbound API of the control plane. DFX, compatible with wide range of Open Source & Commercial SDN Controllers eliminates the need for traditional features such as network routing and switching. Its features include:

• Real-time health monitoring of controller resources, control, and data channel utilizations, with self-healing capabilities.
• Lower CAPEX costs by simplifying design processes, validating network topology, and reducing implementation time.
• Lower OPEX costs by automating processes such as service provisioning, change control, policy validation, and implementation.
• Simulation of the network change prior to implementation to mitigate risk.
• Real-time traffic analysis for vulnerability, threat detection, and mitigation.
• Intelligent traffic optimization by statically determining the Quality of Service (QoS).

The solution creates a simple, flatter, and centralized flow-based structure. It controls all aspects of SDN orchestration while adapting to changes as the network scales up.

DMX Key Functionalities: Change the way you build networks.

• Dashboard is a networking monitoring environment, which monitors the overall network and data health status.

• Canvas is a designing tool, which allows users to design and create network topologies. This also provides users an option to save and retrieve the created topologies to simulate them in virtual environment.

• Control helps users in simulating the physical network in virtual environment and testing the designated parameters on it before pushing it to the live production environment.

• Netlyzer helps users to select their own security system within their network to continuously monitor, identify and prevent security threats like DDoS attacks.

• Flow Rector helps users to control the data flowing throughout the network with the help of controller as per user defined and the analyzed flow metrics in the aggregated path.